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Life is Porno connects individuals from different areas – from skateboarding and snowboarding, to streetart, photography, filming and music. We are active in many different fields and in August we have launched the official brand bringing the „ultimate porno lifestyle experience" to the world. Most of our artists are living under one roof in Porno Villa, Prague.

Life is Porno caps on SNEAKER BARBER.

Forbidden Gallery / Life is Porno Showroom, Bubenská 1, Prague, Czech Republic

3 buffet 400x300"You look good when you where it well."
Buffet try hard to create an open space where both fans of fashion and contemporary art are able to meet with artists, illustrators, designers, musicians, poets and photographers. Buffet shows what they can accomplish together by introducing works which otherwise consumers would not be able to see. We want to make products that reflect easy livin' and carefreedom. This can only be done by supporting and getting inspired by people who have chosen to live the days to the edge of what is possible, not giving a flying fuck of what's going to happen tommorow.

Buffet Clothing tees soon on SNEAKER BARBER.

Velehradská 8, Bratislava, Slovakia       

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Streetwear brand inspired by hip-hop, skateboarding, street-art, graffiti and contenporary art with a food passion. Just like the best chefs, also LōōwFAT believes that proper sources, local production and simplicity makes the best recepies. LōōwFAT wants to offer premium goods with emphasis on local Czech and Slovak manufacture.



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