About us

SNEAKER is more than just a shoe that protects your feet. Your sneakers are part of your personal image, an outward expression of your inner self, an extension of who you are. You don’t have to be a sneaker collector to know that sneaker styles and technologies have exploded in recent years, new collections and products come out every season. So how to choose sneakers which fits your style the most?

BARBER is more than just some guy who (hopefully) knows how to cut hair. A barber is the man you depend on to keep you looking good, the man who understands your personal style, the man who knows how to create the image that you want the world to see. In the past, barbershop has been also a public forum of lively debate, discussion and community. A place where boys getting their first shave are welcomed into adult society. A place where friendships are made, public opinion is shaped, and trends are born.

SNEAKER BARBER is the place to find all of those. We started in Bratislava, Slovakia as a sneaker pop-up store as a first one who brought famous american barber to the locals in 2013. A year after, we founded our store in Prague, Czech republic where we are based till now. You can find us on Veverkova street in Prague 7 – Letná where SNEAKER BARBER is connected with record shop called Garage store. In the community, our store is also known as a place where everyone meet to socialize, to see a friends, catch up on the neighborhood news. That is why we commonly organize small cultural events such as music live streams, vinyl releases and most importantly, releases of ”sneaker specials”. If having an opportunity, come to look around even just for a small talk.

From SNEAKER BARBER you will not eventually buy regular sneakers, which can be seen commonly on the streets. We focus on picking best of the best – each season, each collection, each model is perfectly chosen. For us, sneakers is like an alchemy and we would like to spread the world our mission that all sneakers are different, original and unique – same as the person, who wears them.

Veverkova 6
170 00 Prague 7
Czech Republic

Monday : 12am – 7pm
Tuesday : 11am – 7pm
Wednesday : 11am – 7pm
Thursday : 11am – 7pm
Friday : 11am – 7pm
Saturday : 12am – 4pm

Sneaker Barber